Friday, April 29, 2016

Viewpoints 9 reveal was two days ago!

Just to illustrate how my tunnel vision works, I have not posted on this blog for a month!  Yikes!  I used to be so much better at this.  Other people seem to be able to multitask SO much better.

I wasn't late with my Viewpoints 9 challenge though.  In fact I finished really, really early.  The challenge resonated so much with me.  My post follows:

I have to profusely thank Kate for this challenge!  I was so wrapt in the idea that I felt swallowed whole.

For decades I have collected yukata, a Japanese un-lined garment generally worn in the summer or after bath....and mostly the more traditional indigo-dyed.  I have also collected much smaller pieces of vintage yukata.  Now was my chance to actually use many of them in one piece.  Admittedly it did take time to go through the lot of them to decide whether I would choose the blue with white designs or the white with blue designs.

In the end I chose blue with white indigo dyed cottons, largely kasuri  Only one piece has its design printed on it.

I also decided to continue my 'kimono abstract' series.

This challenge and my stash naturally resulted in using the 'boro' style.  For generations, beginning with frugal farmers, indigo especially has been re-sewn in patches to prolong the life of a garment.  Referred to as 'boro', it is of the forgotten idea "too good to waste".

That is an idea that finds residence in my studio!

Indigo Abstract 40"x21"
Vintage indigo cottons, hand stitched

Indigo Abstract
Japanese Boro

Indigo Abstract detail

Thursday, March 24, 2016

You'll need a cuppa to get thru this one

I was asked by Jan Doyle, a local SAQA/CT member and an interviewer on the local CTV, to come talk about my art quilts.  Last week I joined her in her studio and we shot a two part interview.  And was it FUN!

You will be able to tell that we enjoyed our conversation immensely!

So much so, she has asked me back in May.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Quilting Arts, Thanks to Martha and Sue

Martha Wolfe's article on one of Viewpoints9's Challenge
Coincidentally both Martha Wolfe's article about Viewpoints9's Challenge of Nine article and Sue Bleiweiss' about writing an artist statement appeared in the same issue.  Someone is a lucky girl ;^)

Alicia Merritt's  and my contributions

Sue Bleiweiss' article on writing an Artist Statement

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Reveal Day for Viewpoints9-3

What follows here is my post for my answer to the current rotation of Viewpoints9-3 This latest challenge is to use natural dyes, tints, colors, stains...whatever you like...just natural.

This challenge was posed by Australian member Sue Dennis  Do yourself a big favor and go to her website.  Her work is wonderful!

Then if you continue in the 'treating yourself to wonderful', continue reading for Betty Busby's answer to the challenge.  I was gobsmacked!

If you go right now you can read it all ;^)  This challenge might be my favorite...but then I haven't posted the NEXT challenge's answer.  Hint:  Monochromatic.  Two months exactly to wait. 

Still Dry:

Still Dry detail
 Sue's challenge was, indeed, a challenge for me.  I avoid dyeing.  I support others who dye so brilliantly, and therefore, I have a wonderful stash and I don't worry about my immune system's uncanny ability to find strange, unheard of, crazily random reactions.

The challenge was posted while I was on holiday on a small island in San Pablo Bay, opposite Vallejo CA.  When the island was developed in the 1800's it served as the first US Naval port on the west coast, in response to Russia's trade in timber, moving from Alaska into N. CA.  Mare Island served as a military station and a ship building and repair yard until it was de-commissioned in the 1990's and became the property of the city of Vallejo.

Today Officer's Row, a splendid eucalyptus lined street boasting gorgeous mid-1850's homes, which serve as an inn, offices, a wine-tasting facility and private homes.  Nearby, also eucalyptus surrounded, is St. John's Chapel with 23 beautifully maintained Tiffany stained-glass windows.  Recently new homes have been constructed, a building was converted into a elementary school, a VA hospital moved into a new location and a large private university converted Army/Navy buildings into classrooms, labs and dormitories.  In short the place is hopping and will continue to develop with it's new ferry service directly to San Francisco's Fisherman's Wharf.

The part of this story that is relevant to Sue's challenge is the 150 year old stand of eucalyptus.  They are grand things, and while we were on holiday they were shedding their thin bark strips.

The timing was perfect.  Sue's challenge and my affection for eucalyptus.  I harvested armloads of bark, packed them up and shipped them home where I tried my hand at "non-invasive to my immune system" dyeing.  I decided the best tack would be to boil the chips in a big vat for several hours outside on my grille.  After sieving the broth into another vat, I boiled a cotton sheet with black printed leaves that I'd found at a thrift store and a piece of bright gold cotton for several hours.

My results were not flashy.  Indeed they were dull.  The white turned meh, a tad cream,  and the gold turned brass.  But I did like change.

Still Dry's color will probably not be permanent, surely could not stand up to repeated washings.

My theme, Exotic, continues to look at global warning and subsequent climate changes.  This piece is pieced with the dyed and commercial cottons, It is machine and hand stitched.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Good News!

REALLY good news.

Two of my pieces have been selected into the Fly Me To The Moon traveling exhibit celebrating the 50th anniversary of Man's Walk on the Moon.  I've been told these will travel thru 2019!

Letter from Granny describing what we were doing on that day

Fly Me to the Moon with QR code uploaded to artist friend's acapella rendition 

Friday, January 8, 2016

Yep, yak/silk roving

It's a real thing!

Maybe it's only new to me.  That could be.

Check out my post on Viewpoints9-3

I'd love to hear what you would do with yak/silk roving...besides stroking's SO silky!

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Where to Begin

I'm sure you all have wondered what happened to me when you hadn't hear from me for so long....Sept, yikes.

I have not been idle.  Oh, contrare!  `

I will upload the few art quilts I have completed since my last post.

Viewpoints9-3 'And Fortune Followed Her'

Commission Celebrating Family and their adopted children


Standing in from of Sandy Donabed's piece at Art As Quilt Exhibit at Fuller Craft Museum.  Forgot to take pic of me in front of my own.

Viewpoints9 Installation in Houston!  Again, no photo of me with my work.  Who knew I was shy?

Shoreline Arts Trail Open Studio...more sales than ever

Annual Sisters in Cloth Exhibit at Guilford Free Library.  This wall "Sentinels" a collaboration with Aussie artist Dijanne Cevaal  The other wall is "inspired by...(famous artist)"  Mine is after Matisse
Ethan's Quilt...oops it's the pic with the color scale card attached

And, a T-shirt quilt I made for my husband's nephew's son who lost his dad to cancer this October.  His nephew Michael was a bigger than life guy with so many friends.  He was a IT designer and wore a Life is Good t-shirt almost everyday.  He had dozens!  He and I were FB I got to see many of those shirts that always brought a smile.

His wife Teri sent me a box full.  This is the result.  Thirteen year old Ethan will have a cuddly, warm remembrance of his dad.

We are fast approaching the end of a really busy year.  I think I'll start 2016 with a holiday ;^)
Going to visit friends in N CAL!!  See you in February when we install our SAQA/CT region's juried, traveling exhibit Local Color: CT Stories.  Oh, yes...did I mention...I'm co-curator with our fabulous Kate Themel.

ps.  Life IS Good.