Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Viewpoints 9 Reveal Day

Today is reveal day for Viewpoints9-2

Weeks ago Australian art quilter Sue Dennis posted this challenge to the other members of Viewpoints9

 The old saying goes 'a stitch in time saves nine'. Is this really true I have wondered through my life? I have diligently mended seams and rips before the damage got worst and repeated the catch phrase to myself often, finding it funny that as I get older, the little homilies repeated by my parents have made their way into my vocabulary and thinking.

I'm also reminded of the seemingly reckless behaviour of my grandchildren and carefully watch out for them, anticipating danger and try to avoid spills and slips and think that this too relates to 'a stitch in time saves nine' in another context.

I invite you to contemplate this folkloric jingle and come up with your interpretation
Reveal begins on August 27.

My reply to the challenge is 'Cosmos'.  You can read all about it on the Viewpoint9-2 blog.  I hope you like it.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Quiet, recharging weekend

After some very busy, draining but often exhilarating days this past week, I had the chance to relax over the weekend.  Instead of starting a new series...finishing the last...or working on the new commission, I decided to step into a calm, Zen kind of place and make a baby quilt.  oooohhmmm

Celebrating Two! pictured here is for the upcoming arrival of a new friend's second child.  As both parents have math backgrounds, I included numbers, of course.  And as they are also Australian, and she did work in Aboriginal Communities, I also included fabric from Aboriginal designs.  Some are in pairs so that the first child, a 21 month old boy, can have some fun finding matches...or numbers...especially the number 2.  I got 'lucky' in finding a backing fabric that was light pastel Immigration Stamps from passport entries.  Including Sydney Australia ;^)

I will be sending it as soon as I've stitched on my label.  Fun.  And very calming.  Just what I needed.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Juried In!

I was delighted when I was notified that I had been juried into Connecticut Women's Association's 85th Anniversary Exhibit.  One of the primary reasons I applied was that it is to be installed at the Slater Museum of Art in Norwich, CT.  The Slater is a gem of a museum with soaring ceilings and wonderful natural light.

If you are anywhere nearby, please, come to the reception Saturday 6, 1:00-3:00.  They put on a great spread ;^)

Slater Memorial Museum, 108 Crescent Street, Norwich, CT

Painting: Raymond by Jeanne Ciravolo

Silly me.  I almost forgot to post the my own juried piece.  Love For Three Oranges

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Five Fiber Friends' Invitation

Yesterday the five of us met at FairHaven Woods Furniture in New Haven to install our collection under the curatorial eye of River Gallery Director Kate Parenteau.

The Gallery showcases artists' work in home settings with gorgeous furnishings, many one of a kind.

Our reception will be Sunday, August 3, 2-4pm.  Come!  It is a wonderful venue.

Represented: Kate, Diane C., Trish and me

Our 'logo' l-r Trish Hodge, Kate Themel, me
Lower Mickey Lawler and Diane Cadrain

Another vignette: Mickey, me and Diane C

Kate P giving me the 'big picture'

Kate, Diane C and me

Kate, Trish and Mickey

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Local Color Goes Wide

Our Connecticut Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA-CT) group created a juried exhibit, focusing on our local landscape.  Titled Local Color, it traveled widely though out the state from a university, an art center, the CT Legislature Office Building to a very fine museum, The Slater Museum of Art.

After what we thought would be the end and time to return all pieces, we were asked to contribute eight, selected by Quilting Arts Magazine, to be featured in this August/Sept issue.  It includes work of Kate Themel, Ruth Anne Olson, Phyllis Small, Cathy Smith, Barb McKie, Kendell Storm, Norma Schlager and my own.  Yeah!

Kate, who was co-rep with me at inception, wrote a wonderful piece to accompany the mini-exhibit.  The two of us have had such a wonderful trip with Local Color.  Every step:  'let's put on a show' to this last 'hurrah' has been informative, interesting, exhilarating, frustrating, and most of all FUN!  Thank you, Kate for being my co-rep, partner-in-crime and cohort.  It was a blast!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Second in the series

I have continued using the German fabric designed by Ernst Beck in the vase.  This time I have included three 1940(?) vintage stars given to me by my fellow Sister in Cloth Barb Adams, a piece of an Indian textile in the 'window', Finnish Marimeko fabric in the Chinese lanterns, and a piece by American contemporary designer Marcia Derse as the table top.

I still have a tiny bit more of the Beck fabric.  I'm hoping to cobble together another vase for a third, and maybe, last of the series.

I am titling it "Falling Stars" but I'm open to suggestions.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Love For Three Oranges: A Collage

It has been so long since I have posted here.  This reflects how busy and distracted I've been.  Did I mention that my hair is falling out?  Stress.  I think.

I have taken on the Membership Committee as my job on the SAQA Board of Directors.  Yikes.  What was I thinking?  Way, way into the deep end of the pool.

In order to compensate for reduced studio hours, I've been concentrating on having some, one, thing in progress.  I have given up "beginning and seeing it through to the end".  At the moment I have a piece on my design wall and yesterday I finished this collage.

The piece was driven by the blue vase fabric, a small vintage piece designed by German artist Ernst Beck.  I used a larger piece in my Salon: After Matisse several months ago.   Hard to tell with the following image, but it is at least 50% larger than Love For Three Oranges.

There is just a smidge of Beck's piece left which I hope to use in a third work.  So far the other commonality that these two have is that I have used fabric from Finland and the US in each.  After Matisse also has a piece of Japanese yukata, while Love For Oranges has a piece of African.  This allows me to delve into my embarrassingly 'hoarder' size stash and feel justification.

Thanks for reading.  I feel better now.