Thursday, May 21, 2009

The two faces of green

My art quilt group, Sisters in Cloth, was invited by a former member and her new group in Raleigh, NC to a "challenge".

Challenges are a regular and valued part of quilt making, particularly art quilt making. (The distinction of the two types of quilt making is fodder for more than one future post.)

Her challenge was "GREEN"...whatever that means to you. Due date: June 21, the first day of summer.

Pictured above is my first go at the challenge. I call it "Primordial Green". It is lushly colored and very textural with several different fibers (felted wool, silk roving, rayon yarns and threads, sashiko thread, hand dyed and commercial cotton and a metallic pipe cleaner) Remember that you can click on the image to enlarge it.

The second piece reflects another take on green: "Old and Worn?/Recycled and Repurposed!" began life with me when I discovered the background, a tone-on-tone linen damask remnant. I have painted, inked, crayoned , dyed, thread-painted and beaded the whole, backed it with yet another thrift store find and, finally, bordered it all with vintage rick-rack.


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  2. These are just wonderful, so much fun! ----they are reminiscent of Vera (not Bradley)/Faith Austin/Tammis Keefe vintage linens, which I just love. You are so clever! What size are the finished pieces?

  3. The second piece really speaks to me, Diane -- what a terrific way to recycle! You made a remnant look like a piece of art -- kudos!


  4. I loved the way you did the fiddle fern. I am just starting a piece with fiddle ferns in it. Hope mine turn out as wonderful as yours.