Thursday, October 21, 2010

Not exactly lemonade

but better.

On September 15 I revealed my contribution to Fiberaction's challenge inspired by the word stretch. I never was happy with the result...I stretched, yes, but was unsatisfied.

I probably should have filed "Time to Go?" away but it gnawed at me. Today I framed it with rick-rack (which always makes me smile) and mounted it on foam-core.

It might still be filed away...but I like it incrementally better and I'm smiling.

And that brings me to this current Fiberaction challenge, due on November 15. I finished it yesterday. And it makes me smile too.


  1. Much, much much better! It is amazing what a little red and a little stripe can do, isn't it???

  2. I love it! I suppose it's time for me to start on mine.

  3. That rick-rack is such a nice first frame - I love it. Will have to remember that when I'm stuck on something!