Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Many Moons

I made Many Moons several years ago as a gift to my son (and his then wife....don't you hate it when you get blindsided?). I'm pretty sure it was inspired by something that I'd seen that Ruth McDowell had done. At least that's the picture that's in my memory...if I'm wrong, I'm sorry to whom ever I SHOULD have credited.

DH and I drove to Raleigh NC to help him relocate into his new townhouse. It was a fun, very busy weekend. We selected window treatments, bought rugs, hung artwork and organized the kitchen. Phew! One of the really nice things that happened was that I was reacquainted with some of his artwork that had been in storage....reminding me of all his artistic abilities that showed early on.

His relocation included moving all the artwork I had given him over the years too. Many Moons is now hanging in his new dining room and looks smashing (I say very immodestly). I like it so much I may make another....similar but never the same, of course. This one has tie silks, kimono cottons and silks, taffeta and some pieces that I treasured from long forgotten projects.


  1. This piece is a winner, Diane. Don't you just love the shimmer of the silks? I'm starting to buy them for my stash -- it's great to see what a treasure you've made from them.

    The Other Diane (it's been a while . . .)

  2. Love it: I believe the designer was the assistant to Mary Mashuto, whose name is Rebecca some-thing-or-other, and it was actually featured in a QNM as well as in one of Mary's books. Just looked on my bookshelf, and I can't find ANY of her books there, which means that some "Sister" probably has them! Love your version more than hers, though :-)

  3. What a beautiful quilt! I love the setting and colors.