Thursday, January 27, 2011

It's beautiful...but ENOUGH already!

The weather person underestimated last night's about 12"! What was to be a rather ordinary 4-8" forecast became 18" by the time morning broke. This is on top of the 24" that had not melted from previous snowfall. It's noteworthy for us here in Connecticut because it's so unusual. There are many winters where we have very little snowfall and rarely is it a white landscape for days on end.

Snow. Melt. Snow. Melt. Snow. Melt. Spring. Is our usual meter.

This second pic is from my studio. I decided not to use this exit today. I did venture out. I decided, instead of having lemons and making lemonade, that having snow, I would make a batch of snow-dyed fabric.

I had to do this in a very clandestine way. By way of explanation: we are a three generation, two dog household. One of the youngest generation LOVES my projects and I knew that if she knew I was snow dyeing she'd be right in the midst of it. It's another snow day for the school children. So I snuck out the garage door and quickly filled five bags of snow. I'll try to share the results tomorrow.


  1. Not familiar with snow dyeing.....look forward to seeing the results:) Stay warm!

  2. The plows are out in front of my house as we speak. It was enough the first time around. I feel your pain!

  3. Looking forward to seeing your results!