Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I reviewed Rayna's new book

No one is surprised when they learn that I hate to read instructions or follow directions.  This, I firmly believe, results from being brought up in a strict military family (how many five year olds to you know were regularly restricted to quarters for insubordination?...just sayin').  So, you will be surprised to know that I didn't pull my usual stunt and just look at the pictures to see if I could figure out what information I wanted to glean.  Nope, I actually READ Rayna Gillman's new book create your own free-form quilts!

Her voice is loud and clear in her writing...there was no ghost writing going on here.  So, of course, you smile a lot.  I think her book is useful for art quilters at any stage in their development.  Certainly those new to our medium would be wise to buy it, and, interestingly, those of us more seasoned art quilters will find it very handy guide to get out of those doldrums that beset us from time to time.

The piece above I've titled "Cats Can Always Tell"(13"x16").  I put it together this afternoon, quite literally from the bin of scraps next to my machine.  I always create a narrative about whatever piece I'm working on and this one started out titled weeds....then it morphed to allergies...and finally, with the addition of the Laura Burch designed cat fabric, it became Cats Can Always Tell....because I'm allergic to them and they always CAN tell.  They love me.

I purchased my copy directly from Rayna's blog and left my review on Amazon.  You might consider doing the same.


  1. Funny thing about cats - those who love them make eye contact, trying to attract them - and they view this as threatening behaviour - especially from strangers. Those who ignore them, seem "safest" to cats; so guess who they go to?

    Love your little allergy piece! :)

  2. Another keeper... I mean both the book and the quilt!

  3. I sooo hope I get my copy today - ordered again yesterday from, and they "said" it would ship immediately. I'm pretty sure it's a book you want to read from front to back ... and when I see your quilt, I just feel like running to my sewing machine ;-))

  4. I love this book as well...I did a book review on my blog, the day it arrived in the mail and one for Amazon as well.

  5. I absolutely agree with you! I normally look at the pictures and try to figure it out but I read Rayna's book from front to back twice and have already started sewing. I love her book!

  6. Blush, blush. I am overwhelmed and very happy that you are all enjoying playing. I wanna see what you do! Send pix!
    Thanks, Diane:-).