Monday, December 5, 2011

One's a Rumor, the rest are Gray

This first photo is the full complement of It's a Rumor.
From the left:  My piece along with the photograph below.  The next three (Ruth Anne Olson, Marie Shepherd and below Martha Wolfe) are the three to whom I gave the rumor.  Next is Barb Adams who received hers from Ruth Anne.  The following top piece is Carol Ludington's who received her rumor from Marie.  Below hers is Robin Wolek's who received her rumor from Barb Adams.  Finally, the series of squares, is Gail Kotowski's.  She also received her rumor from Marie Shepherd.

The next three photographs are the full wall that contains the better part GRAY. Our challenge for this exhibit was that each had to use the color gray.  The ultimate height could be no larger than 48"inches to remain within the mounting wall.  Otherwise, it was wide open.  

 It's an interesting, colorful collection, bookended by the two black, very graphic pieces.  In order:  Yvette Howard, Marie Shepherd, Gail Kotowski, Diane Wright,

 Debbie Bento, Vivika DeNegre, Ruth Anne Olson,

Linda Zimmerman, Robin Wolek, Robin Wolek (again) and finally Barb Adams.

This last photo is GRAY continued on another wall.  Left:  Diane Wright, Barb Adams, Diane Wright and Diane Wright (again).

You can click on each image to enlarge.

The exhibit will be up through December at The Guilford Free Library, Park Street on The Green, Guilford CT. 


  1. Oh Diane, you did that big piece on the right in the last photo? I just love it! It's magnificent. Wish I could see it in the flesh. Way to go!

  2. It's amazing how colorful and vibrant gray can be. Beautiful pieces! Good luck with the show:)