Wednesday, June 6, 2012

It's not over 'til the fat lady sings....

First, I must thank all my well-wishers for my birthday posting last week.  As we used to say in the 60's "It was a trip."  

Now, I'm trying to reacquaint myself with my studio after my six week hiatus.  

I think I should not put any of my work away.  Not, that I'm all that tidy, but when I have a chance to re-visit work, sometimes I'm inspired to add, subtract...cut it up...Case in point:  Fibonacci's Garden (click for the earlier photo) from Fiberactions second Challenge using split complimentary colors.  It ALMOST worked.  Yesterday I had an epiphany....that "aha" moment when I KNEW what needed to be done.  Unfortunate that I didn't have this moment earlier in May when it would have been a better addition to the Challenge.  Except, of course, the is no longer the strict split complimentary required with the addition of the green.  It is now titled "Fibinocci's Spiral Garden" and will be added to the mostly flora exhibit I'm putting together for a solo exhibit in a very small space in one of Yale's properties in New Haven for late June.  (more later)
Fibonacci's Spiral Garden

Fibonacci's Spiral Garden detail

Tomorrow I am flying to Dallas for a few days to visit my sister Masako who is coping with the side effects of her chemo-therapy.  My job will be to cheer and divert.  I'm thinking pedicures and massages will help.  And, I'm hoping this wallhanging that I made for her will help too.  The central panel is a beautiful woman writing a of Masako's fondest occupations.

(This is not an original design...I saw a similar piece that I liked and I tweeked it a bit...downsized it somewhat...simplified so that I could get it completed quickly.)


  1. I especially love that Japanese piece. All the best for your sister's recovery. And Happy Birthday -- I think I must have missed it.

  2. Hi, Diane, a french friend said to me that you have published fabric bowl in quilting arts and I search for your blog. Found. i put this in my favorites, because, I do very many(90!) fabric bowl and vessels?. If you go in my site, your can look in the upper bare tool noticed "Corbeilles textiles""........I shall go again and look for everything.Thjanks! AG from France

  3. God bless you and your sister as you travel together on this road to recovery. You will be such a wonderful support system for her, both artistically and spiritually. She's going to LOVE the piece you made for her -- it's magnificent.