Monday, May 6, 2013

9500 Miles in 60 Days

Judy Ross' Local Color
Home again!  As much as we enjoyed our trek to the West Coast and back, we are so glad to be home.  And, it's not just our comfy beds...we slept in a lot of comfy beds.  It's 'the girls' and getting back to our familiar routine.
Before we actually arrived home in Guilford, we stayed our last night in New York so we could be handy to the Western State Connecticut University in Danbury and the opening reception for SAQA/CT's Local Color.

Margaret Phillips and Mayanne Weinburg were the intrepid volunteers to chair the exhibit and then follow it with captaining the first venue.  Pictured here they are relaying their approach and sharing cautions to the following venue chairs.  Everyone was so appreciative of their work.

Our traveling exhibit is officially launched!  With color catalogue!  It is selling very well from the SAQA shop.  Kate Themel, trusty sidekick, worked with Betty Warner to produce a gorgeous catalogue that really shows off the pieces.  It has been selling very well at the SAQA Store and will be available at all the venues.

Courageous Exhibit Chairs and Venue Captains Margaret Phillips and Mayanne Weinburg

Fran Phillips, one of the jurors, informative talk about her approach

Also at the meeting Carol Eaton brought some of her fabulous fabric to share


Aurelle Locke and Barb Adams problem solving

Janine Anderson-Bays admiring work of Chris Blais, Sandy From an and Roz Spann

Jeanne Marklin, who drove down from MA, Betty Warner, editor of the fabulous Local Color Catalogue and moi


  1. Bless your energy, girl! What an achievement! That first quilt by Judy Ross REALLY speaks to me -- I can only imagine what the rest of the pieces in the catalogue are like. Congratulations!


  2. Just now getting back to responding :( Thank you for your's the energy that is actually flagging just a bit.

  3. Diane, that's a nice review of the exhibit. It is full of inspiring work, and the catalog is so well done! Thanks for all your hard work. I'm very proud to have work in the show.

  4. Diane, I just read the posts about your trip across the country. What a wonderful adventure! Makes me want to get in the car and go.