Sunday, October 27, 2013

Viewpoints 9-2 Reveal Day

For our first Challenge in this new cycle of Viewpoints9, Martha Wolfe posed the question:  Where does time go?  Just up my alley...a question I ask myself every day.

Actually, I have been working on this Challenge for 13 years....the last 3 with more urgency.

"Autumn Turns to Winter:  Unraveled and Frayed"

Let me just say that a few years ago I discovered that 50 is NOT the new 40.  AND, 60 is NOT the new 50.  AND, 70 is not the new anything....anything, that is, but for me, an urgent need to create.

Thirteen years ago I thought of myself as being in my 'Autumn Years".  My visual language included fallen leaves, bare trees, autumn moons and ravens, reminding me of Nevermore.

Those images remain still, darkened perhaps, but continuing to insist that I keep creating.  Everyday.  In the hopes that I will know where my time has gone.

Check out the varied, interesting interpretations:  Viewpoints 9 !

Full disclosure re my Unraveled and Frayed:  

Details:  18"x18" vintage, reclaimed, recycled cotton dinner napkin, raw edged appliqued with hand-dyed, block printed, hand-painted and soy wax batiked cottons.  Machine and hand stitched.


  1. This is really cool! I love all the textures you combine and the leaves are a perfect metaphor!

  2. Thanks, Carol. It was fun..and a bit cathartic :^) And a big reminder just to keep at it. ps. Good luck on your Open Studio Nov 8, 9 and 10!

  3. I love this, Diane...and love the threads hanging. Who has time to trim all the threads these days when we're just trying to get as much art made as possible, right?!

  4. You inspire me, Diane -- I'm now looking at my life as springtime instead of autumn, and I'm looking forward to creating pieces as wonderful as yours. This is so YOU -- I just love your voice.


    1. There you are, Diane. Been looking for you…how nice to think in springtime terms! Best to you…keep creatin'

  5. I love your work, just found it and will be back.

  6. Thank was so nice of you to post