Thursday, March 13, 2014

Thank Goodness It Didn't Snow

This has been another long winter.  After a couple of 'balmy' 40-50F days, the temps dipped again with blustery winds and tiny white particles blowing around….but we are NOT calling it snow.  Mostly because I can't bring myself to say the word…that and there will (fingers crossed) not be an accumulation, so we can ignore the white stuff.  Right?

I am taking a break from clearing a bit of my studio.  I am tempted to say cleaning…but I actually know that will not happen.  Oh, I vacuum and clean…but really "cleaning"? Nope not happening.  There is simply too many 'things' and mountains of fabric about.  I organize a bit and then get distracted.  Probably only happens to me.

Today I went through shelves of magazines.  About 25-30 Australian Patchwork magazines, 8-10 New Zealand, from the beginning Quilting Arts and the like.  I have put the Aussie mags aside to offer for sale at our SAQA/CT vending day at our regional meeting on Mar 22.  No idea what they are worth.  Maybe a dollar or two.  I can't just toss them.  I HAVE to find a home for them, otherwise, I'll have to keep them. ;^)

I also 'found' fabric that I'll never use to offer in my collection to sell.  I probably could just randomly pick every fourth piece in my studio, put it in the bin for sale and never miss it. Hmmmm…..

I am also working on my second commission…but when I come to a point that I need to ponder its direction, I try something else constructive to divert my attention.  This week I made another SAQA Conference Spotlight Auction contribution.  No, we are not suppose to send more than one.  HOWEVER, I hated the one I sent off earlier (check it out…I'm sure you'll agree…it's a couple of posts ago titled Forsythia).  I was haunted by it.  Even dreamt about it…not a good sign.  Here's my 'real' contribution.

I am rationalizing the problem with my Spotlight project…the dimensions are just too small…6"x8" to be matted to 4.6"x6.5".  Imagine this matted.  It's little.

Okay.  Enough procrastinating:  Back to clearing a path through the fabric.
It's About Time


  1. Do you need my help!??! I am great at cleaning and organizing :) Love, Heather

    1. Holy moly! You knew that you ready blog! NO! You throw-it-out-er. You will get your chance in the end :-)