Monday, July 7, 2014

Love For Three Oranges: A Collage

It has been so long since I have posted here.  This reflects how busy and distracted I've been.  Did I mention that my hair is falling out?  Stress.  I think.

I have taken on the Membership Committee as my job on the SAQA Board of Directors.  Yikes.  What was I thinking?  Way, way into the deep end of the pool.

In order to compensate for reduced studio hours, I've been concentrating on having some, one, thing in progress.  I have given up "beginning and seeing it through to the end".  At the moment I have a piece on my design wall and yesterday I finished this collage.

The piece was driven by the blue vase fabric, a small vintage piece designed by German artist Ernst Beck.  I used a larger piece in my Salon: After Matisse several months ago.   Hard to tell with the following image, but it is at least 50% larger than Love For Three Oranges.

There is just a smidge of Beck's piece left which I hope to use in a third work.  So far the other commonality that these two have is that I have used fabric from Finland and the US in each.  After Matisse also has a piece of Japanese yukata, while Love For Oranges has a piece of African.  This allows me to delve into my embarrassingly 'hoarder' size stash and feel justification.

Thanks for reading.  I feel better now.


  1. Hi Diane

    I love your new piece and the previous one as well. I think you're on to something good.


    1. Thank you so much, Sandy. I value your opinion.

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  3. I always enjoy seeing your work, Diane.

  4. It's fabulous Diane - a beautiful piece! Now... what did you say about volunteering?!