Monday, October 27, 2014

Viewpoints9 Reveal Challenge 7

Lin Hsin-Chen posed a timely challenge to the group:  Our environment, considering the current climate changes to all of Nature.

The day she posted the Challenge, coincidentally, I happened upon my maternal grandfather's obituary.  He and his four brothers were second generation farmers and ranchers in Sutter County CA, which is part of the Sacramento River Valley.  Later that evening I watched the grim realities of the results of the current long term drought affecting this entire area.

The stamp I carved represents the acres of orchards/vineyards now in peril: Almond, walnut, peach, plums/prunes, kiwifruit, grapes (Thompson Seedless were developed here)

Forecast: Hot and Dry is a lament for the farmers of the Sacramento River Valley and us all.

This piece is made with both commercial and hand-dyed, painted, stamped and inked cottons.  Machine and hand stitched.
Forecast: Hot and Dry
Detail of artist-cut block, printed and stitched


  1. Excellent as always Diane! I always look forward to the big reveal of Viewpoints9!

  2. Thanks, Carol! This one was right up my alley.

  3. I am from the San Joaquin Valley, and my mom still lives there. I have heard about the drought. I have a cattle rancher friend in the lower valley foothills who is praying for rain, desperately needs it for the foothill grasses. Anyway, I love your piece! So depicts the woeful situation!