Friday, February 20, 2009

Creative spirits living in my studio

Last week I agonized over cutting some exquisite hand dyed fabric.  Besides my attention wandering off to "Crow", I was moved by Elizabeth Gilbert's wonderful YouTube talk.  She might be right about actual creative spirits.  In my case,  I think they are lurking in the corners of my studio. I've always thought that talking or words, with or without music, were not conducive background for me when I'm working.  I need my surrounding to be quiet so I can hear those creative spirits' small voices.

My "boats", that I have variously painted over the years, came to fruition in fabric this week. The work is inspired by a piece of shibori that I bought from Sunny Bunny Designs the week previous.  I, indeed, did not want to cut it.  Instead, I pieced my boats from hand dyed and painted fabrics collected over the past 15 years.  They, in turn, were pieced into the shibori wholecloth.

The resulting work represents one of those rare times when what is created comes very close to the image in ones imagination.  So, thanks, to my resident creative spirits, Boats at Slack Tide is in.


  1. Oh, Diane, what a perfect use for that fabric! Would that I could find such serendipity for my own shibori'd cloth! Please send those creative spirits to my house for a brief vacation. I promise to feed them well!

  2. Oh! It's a wonderful thing when everything else quiets down and it only YOUR UNIVERSE you are listening to.
    No, I am not hippie

  3. Thank you thank you...
    it is the highest compliment.
    Sunny Bunny Designs

  4. Diane, we just 'met' and there was so much to talk about I forgot to mention what a gorgeous piece you've made here....outstanding!

    I love shibori too, I made some in two workshops in recent years with Carol Anne Grotrian at Fletcher Farm. I pull them out several times a year, ruminate, shuffle, ruminate some more, than put them back again. I adore them and savor the memory of the indigo dying and unwrapping the shibori -close to a religioius experience! Thanks for reminding me, I think I have some pulling out to do!