Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sold from my blog OR Teddy finds home

Teddy finds home

The official title of this piece is "Still Life: Night-night, Teddy". It all started with the bit of shibori...the light green fabric. It looked like a wonderful light source to me. The framing is composed of two pieces of hand-dyed cotton. The whole, while what I had planned, looked like a background for something.

Don't ask why "a chair, of course" came to mind. I inherited three small children's chairs when my own three children were under five...and I still have them. I chose one of those to sketch and applique from a piece of batik.

I guess it's because it was a child's chair that the piece looked empty, expectant. I dyed various textiles: a flannel sheet, a piece of cotton sateen and a damask tablecloth and constructed the bear. The eyes are vintage covered buttons from my collection. The piece still looked "expectant" to me. Teddy was waiting for .... someone ...perhaps a girl.

At my crit group there were many suggestions in answer to what does it need? I had toyed with another stuffed animal, a ball, a giant jack. The consensus was that it needed something. The top seemed to work. Now Teddy was still waiting...for either a girl or a boy.

A couple of weeks ago a woman contacted me after discovering my blog and inquired about buying an art quilt for her daughter's room. She liked Teddy's story of creation and today Teddy took a trip to his new home. There's a little girl waiting for him.

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