Thursday, June 18, 2009

Today's New Work

"Salt Marsh"
11" x 37"

This does not happen very often. I had an idea of what I wanted and, from selecting the fabric to sewing down the binding, it was done in a day. The interesting bit's just as I imagined it. Usually there are fits and starts, "design opportunities", changes along the way...but not today.

While I had the camera out I photographed two other pieces that I have recently finished.

"Fault Lines II"
13" x 14"

"Fault Lines" was my donation to SAQA's Twentieth Anniversary Auction. I posted its image a couple of entries ago (June 3). I so enjoyed working with the hand dyed silk noir that I made this second one. In fact, I think there might be a small series in the works.

"Green! Recycled & Repurposed"
15 1/2" x 17"

Also posted previously (May 21)...but now I've tarted it up a bit with more dyes, inks and markers.... and I much prefer it.

This will be my contribution to Evelyn Judson, our former member, who challenged us to a "green" challenge...whatever green means to you within 30" on a side. We are shipping our work to her group in the Durham, NC area for exhibit with their contributions to the challenge.

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  1. Salt Marsh is awesome!! I guess, just maybe, there is something to be said for another rainy day. Beautiful..... looks just like a salt marsh in June, still some brown.