Thursday, August 27, 2009

A quilt for Jingju

Jingju is a sunny six year old girl who knows exactly what she wants ....and her favorite color is green. I met Jingju this past weekend.

I'd promised myself at our last Chinese New Year's party that when she arrived in the arms of her waiting parents I would make her a quilt. I knew that she would not be an infant, but a child who, I imagined, might like to participate in some choices.

She arrived in April and I hadn't had a chance to meet her until now.
She and I went directly to my studio, with her mother following. When I asked her if she had a favorite color, she immediately burst with GREEN! Dark? NO!

Now I knew which box of fabric to select for her to look through. It didn't take her two minutes to find her favorite. It's the border fabric in this strata quilt (it also appears in some of the large squares). An unusual choice for the six year old I thought...but she was certain. And so it is done.

Her mother is hoping that Jingju will want to hang it in her bedroom. I'm thinking Jingju has already decided exactly what she will do. I can hardly wait to find out. Bed? Play tent? Picnic with teddy bears and dolls?


  1. Jingju and I just looked at the quilt and Jingju said, "I love the quilt one hundred," which means really, really, a lot. Ooops, she just corrected me. It means "special!" She also wants you to know, her paper airplain is stuck, and the plane baba made doesn't work...don't ask.

    It is just beautiful, and we can't thank you enough.
    Lisa and Jingju

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  2. What a wonderful story and a beautiful quilt. I think that Jingju is kindred spirits with Claire!

  3. Beautiful! I really like that border fabric and how you used it! Do you know who makes or sells that fabric?

  4. Diane, what a vivid story to go with your wonderful quilt! I can visualize the whole scene......would make a great picture book!

  5. Minka, the border "focus" fabric is POSH by Moda. I think I've had it a couple of years. And, I THINK I bought it at Charlton Sewing in MA.

    Thanks for your comments!

  6. I agree with Pink Ganeshji. A Quilt for Jingju would made a wonderful children's book!

    What a beautiful and unique quilt. It must be fun to create something for a child who knows just what they like!