Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Support Your Local Art Quilter

The New England Quilt Museum annually sponsors a silent auction fund-raiser at The Lowell Quilt Festival. Every year I bid but this is the first year that I returned on Sunday morning before leaving town and upped the ante on two pieces...and I won one! Here is Martha McCarthy's "Leaves #1", a first of a series of five small quilts using the techniques of fabric painting and dye discharge to create a seasonal wallhanging.

I am a collector. No, this isn't an intro to a 12-step program. I have always been a collector. First it was lady bugs and lightening bugs. Then it was baby birds, frogs, kittens, puppies and, later, boys ;^): creatures that I thought needed caring for. I got over the boy thing (saving them, that is) but I never got over the collecting thing.

Of course, the whole quilt/art quilt world thrives on people like me. And my studio proves my point. But that's another post.

Collecting an artist's work is important. Nothing says "I love you" like reaching into your pocket and buying a piece, and hence, support the art(ist). So when at all possible I try to do more than sign the guest book and leave an encouraging note. Even if it's only a small piece that I can afford, like this by Margo Stage that I also purchased in Lowell.

Or the journal by Maxine Farkas.

I don't know about you, but I'm looking forward to the SAQA Silent Auction in September!

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  1. Hi!
    Excellent blog post! You are quite correct! There is something absolutely magically when a piece is purchased. It really supports an artist, the community, and one's soul when artwork is bought! Also, thank you so much for sharing this aspect of the Lowell Quilt Festival. I only started quilting last fall, which is probably the main reason why I had never heard of the Lowell Quilt Festival. Since I live so far away, I couldn't attend now that I am aware of how wonderful it is. I must live the experience through the thoughtful sharing of people like THANKS!