Friday, September 11, 2009

Advocating Professional Photography

OR Preaching to the Choir

Compare these images with those in my last post. Night and day. Right?

Looking through my various postings it's obvious to me which images were shot by my husband and which were taken by me (even when I used his fancy lights). Sad, but true.

Anyone can tell when he is out of town working at his "real" job. Who would ever have guessed that mild-mannered helicopter test pilot by day could morph into professional quality photographer by night? Actually, he's been a photographer a lot longer than he's been a pilot and both date into the decades.

Which brings me to the real point of this post. Getting accepted into exhibits is all about the quality of the photography. And, the curator of my last successful entry actually told me "your work is here because of your images".


  1. At the risk of being tacky, may I inquire if I could hire him to shoot a portfolio for me? BTW, I like the changes you've made to the perimeter of this piece. Where did you get the face images? Is it commercial or something you created?

  2. So, the big question is: What did hubby do differently? If he wouldn't mind sharing, I'd love to benefit from his experience. He really did do an amazing job -- but, don't forget, he had a terrific subject to shoot!