Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Strange Sun Rite? In Connecticut?

Captured in their natural habitat along the Lieutenant River in Old Lyme CT are two chubby examples of art worshipers paying homage to Patrick Dougherty's sculpture constructed there this summer. The photograph is tentatively titled "Curse of the iPhone".

Patrick Dougherty collects sticks and saplings from the local environment then bends and coaxes them into monumental sculptures. Walking into these magical dwellings is a wonderful, giddy experience.

It takes about three weeks to gather the ingredients and, working with interns, construct...and about a year for it to deconstruct.

It will be available for walking into, photographing, and enjoying through October 18. Go to the Florence Griswold Museum's site: It's worth the trip...and his photo-packed book is available in the museum's shop. (It can also be previewed on his site.)


  1. fascinating.......I see a weekend destination in our future.....I love the photo!

  2. Fascinating! They look like giant chairs!


  3. Oh, I've got to go!

  4. I love Patrick Dougherty! I always remember his cone shaped huts 2 stories high at the Decordova many years back. Book? Did you say book? I have to go find it!