Monday, December 7, 2009

Saturday: a big ol' "two-fer" day

Actually, it was really a "three-fer" day! Led by our fearless SAQA regional rep, Kate Themal just under forty SAQA members from all over, braved cold rain to meet at the Guilford Free Library (Guilford CT).

First: SAQA Executive Director Martha Sielman gave a slide presentation about the making of the Art Quilt Masters book that she curated. In fact, many of the artists represented have work in the current New England Quilt Museum's exhibit. (I feel a road trip to Lowell MA coming on.)

Second: Kate had also arranged for the SAQA Trunk Show B to be available for the meeting. After the delicious box lunch arranged for by Sisters in Cloth member Barb Adams, all were able to study the Trunk Show and the Sisters' Photo Challenge exhibit that was mounted in the room.

Of course, it wouldn't be an art quilt (or traditional quilt meeting for that matter) without Show and Tell.....and it was a particularly wonderful Show and Tell at that. Pictured here is Barb McKie with one of her magnificent pieces. Incidentally her's is also on the cover of the current Quilting Arts magazine.

Two Marthas: Pictured here is my buddy Martha Wolfe, who probably should have been given an award from journeying the farthest for the meeting: Indiatlantic, FL! She's getting Martha Sielman's autograph on her copy.

Pictured here is Norma Schlager and Barbara Somebody-who-I-can't-remember-because-of-dead-grey-cells, both from CT discussing one of the Trunk Show pieces. Oh, and that's Sister member Carol Ludington on the far right.

As the time drew near to the end of our meeting, we had a drawing of items and gift certificates donated by local merchants who we support and we wanted to share. Shops like Chroma Gallery, CT Wool, Evergreen Crafts, Blue Moon Artisans.

THEN after all this, with maps in hand, we adjourned to carpool over to the Guilford Art Center where we all enjoyed seeing the incredible SAQA Transformation: Reflections exhibit. One of the artists included in the exhibit, Debbie Bein had traveled from Poughkeepsie NY for the meeting and was on hand to talk about her work.

Boy, it was quite a day!


  1. Wow! Makes me wish I didn't live so far away!

  2. It was a great day. So much inspiration and support for one another.

  3. A wonderful, inspiring event, Sisters! So glad I was able to participate! Great to see friends and make new ones.

  4. It was a wonderful day full of great art and inspiration. That's Barbara Drillick next to me in the photo.

  5. It looks like a wonderful day. Wish I lived closer, been part of the sharing.