Thursday, April 29, 2010

Photo Challenge Detail

Happily I'm back in my studio with many projects on the cutting table and design wall. Just the way one likes to be stimulated.

April 12, I posted my interpretation of Rose Alpert's ( "Lily Pads" photograph. Besides rendering a piece 18"x 24", each member of my art quilt group is also to make an 8" square detail. This is mine.

I enjoy free-motion quilting but not the marking. Usually I try to figure out a way to get the look I want without marking at all. This time, however, I traced a koi onto paper. Then, with Saral Transfer Paper ( between my drawing and the fabric I traced over my lines. While I don't often use it, I do recommend Saral. It's wax free, will not set with a hot iron, comes in various colors, washes or erases out and can be used over and over. Real pluses in my book.


  1. Beautiful your idea! Saral is great stuff, use it all the time:)

  2. Love the koi! And thanks for the tip on Saral -- never heard of it before, and it sounds like just the thing.


  3. Your trip sounds fantastic, and I really love your interpretations. I am felting now, but plan to get back into quilting one of these days. Interpretation is quite a skill. Cameron