Wednesday, July 28, 2010

More dyeing in the yard

Okay, I think I found another artful, beautiful technique that I'm not good at and will be very happy to support those who are: dyeing.

Yesterday I "batched" some linen, silk and cotton in the leftover dyes from last week. I'm from that part of the country that is very thrifty (the west...even though I live in New England now which is purported to be thrifty...I don't think they "own" the virtue.)

The piece that I MIGHT be happy with is the cotton shirt that I decided to dunk into the very last sloshes of dye. There's that thrift again. Heck I might even wear it.
The rest of the pieces include silk sleeves from a long ago disassembled dress (yellow and red) which I am intrigued with...we'll see.

So this kind of dyeing is not my cup of tea. But shibori and dispersing are techniques that I do enjoy and have had some success with...think I'll stick to that.


  1. Well, Diane, now you understand why I started printing. Now I don't even care what my dyed fabrics look like (well, not much,anyway) because I can always print on them.

  2. hello. thanks for stopping by my blog. I love textile and fabric art and see that you are into dyeing stuff -- I am more into paper collage-- but there are still similarities-- you do beautiful work.

  3. Your backyard looks a lot like mine. I take my dyed cloth and use them in my art quilts.