Thursday, August 5, 2010

Between Inspirations

"Hanging the Stars and Moon" is roughly 40" square and what's been occupying my time between inspirations.

I wouldn't call it artist's block....exactly...just not inspired. Heck, I must just be kidding myself.

So, when I am in an artistic funk I try to keep busy with something in the studio...usually I retreat to the thing that captured my imagination with quilting in the first place: piecing. I find it very meditative.

This time I dug out my New York Beauty templates for paper piecing and made a block or two for several days. Yesterday it looked just like that...several disjointed, unorganized blocks.

I remember seeing a wonky set that I thought was interesting somewhere so I started with that thought in hopes of organizing the lot.

It's hot off the machine. Not squared, not batted, not quilted, not blocked....and I haven't a clue on how I will quilt it. Ideas, anyone?


  1. In a funk piece? Seriously? It is vibrant and lovely!

  2. I'm with Linda... Looks great to me!

    How about circles between the circles, wonky stars popping with something... quilt it for fun on the machine...

    Looking forward to seeing it in person,


  3. So you just "threw this together" when you weren't feeling too creative??? Imagine what you would have done if you WERE feeling creative -- this piece is amazing! Love the wonkiness, love the shapes, love the colors.

    I see metallic thread inside the spikes, following along the lines of the triangles. I see spirals inside the circles in slightly deeper colors than the circles. Whatever you decide, this is going to be FUN to quilt.