Sunday, July 15, 2012

Fiberactions Reveal Day: Dun and Watermelon

The challenge this time was to pick two colors and add black as the third.  Picking the two colors was the tricky bit.  We were to choose two colors that were the letters of our first and last names.  D and W for me.

In the beginning of this Fiberactions Challenge, I was unenthusiastic.  I wasn't feeling Daisy, Daffodil or Daylight.  These colors were WAY too sunny for me...then there was Wisteria....not me.

It wasn't until I googled colors beginning with the letter D and W, that it happened!  Dirty Brown is an actual color! and Dun!  I have (until fairly recently when I went red) been described as having "dirty blond hair".  So, Dirty Brown felt very comfy for me.  I was on a color high when I continued with my search into the W's.  Where I found Watermelon!!!  I was done.

This challenge gave me an opportunity to explore using zippers.  I have amassed two big boxes of new and vintage zippers of all sizes that I had been wanting to incorporate in one of my pieces.  

Titled Prickly Secrets, this piece is about those little pesky secrets...not big, life altering, guilty secrets...just those little ones that you really wish you didn't know.

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