Friday, July 20, 2012

Impromptu Fibers

I give a big thank you to the quick response of Diane Cadrain...whose motto seems to be that "nature abhors a vacuum".  When there appeared to be no artwork scheduled for the gorgeous atrium in the CT Department of Transportation building, she jumped into action amassing m-a-n-y art quilts from 16 artists across the state.  Yesterday several of us, bearing the contributions, met to select a cohesive grouping and hang it.  Amazing!

Nineteen pieces were chosen.  The collection is very beautiful and, surprisingly maybe, looks like all belong together...there is a lovely flow from one end of the atrium to the other.

The exhibit will hang at DOT's headquarters building at 2800 Berlin Turnpike, Newington, until Friday, Augsut 21.  For information or to view the exhibit contact DOT employee Delois Barnes at or ring her at (860) 594-3307.

Diane Cadrain's "Lunch Among the Cabbages"

EdJohnetta Miller's "Evening Spirit"

Karen Loprete's  "The Big Sky"

Judy Ross' "Garden Geometry"

Roz Spann's "Papa's Greens Harvest"

Rox Spann's "Within Reach"

Wanda Seldon's "Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow"

Phyllis Small's "Secret Stories"

Kate Themel's "Blood Iris"

Carol Vinick's "Moon Maidens"

Betty Warner's "Improvisation #1"

DOT atrium

Crew: Vinick, DOT Barnes, me, Cadrain and Adams

Zimmerman's, Ross', Warner's, Vinick's and Themel's

Zimmerman's (Cadrain), Spann's, Cadrain's, mine, Miller's
Diane Cadrain's and Karen Loprete's blogs have many more pics does


  1. Looks like a great exhibit! So colorful and varried - nice!

  2. Hi, Diane. What an exciting exhibit to organize. Those art quilts look so good on the stark walls. Gorgeous! Also liked your Going West and Dun and Watermelon quilts. Beautiful colors, fabrics and designs as usual. I remain hesitant about zippers as embellishments as I'm not sure they add much to the overall design. What's your opinion? I'll have to ponder that some more--always good to experiment, in any case.
    best, nadia