Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Exhibit is Up

Several years ago Sisters in Cloth had the bright idea of making self portraits and using them...perhaps as a banner,  when we exhibited our work.  This year we rounded up twelve...some where the block letters that we had made to identify us have gone missing into someone's studio file.  Undaunted we found a space in the collection of this year's exhibit, "Indigo" and "Postage Stamp Inspirations", to pin up the grouping.

Our directions originally had each individual's hands reaching out, so when mounted the group would look like we were holding hands...connected in a way.  You can see that the idea mostly was utilized.  The one that clearly wasn't has a better story:  The person whose back is to the viewer has her hands up in a greeting salute to the mountain of her girlhood home in Switzerland.

My husband photographed this current exhibit, as he usually does, and played the 'can I identify the Sister' game.  He stumbled at mine.  He eventually deduced it was mine...however...he thinks I don't usually look so maniacal (his word!)

I will post photos of the exhibit in the next couple of days.  There should be a post being put up on the group's own blog soon too.  AND after we host "Soup's on for SAQA", SAQA/CT's regional meeting that we are hosting on Saturday, you will see even more.  So...again...stay tuned.

Guess who

Twelve Sisters


  1. Your granddaughter picked you out in a nano-second :)

  2. Hmmm...I wonder which granddaughter that would be? :^)

  3. Well. I got Yvette without any problem :) I think I would have gotten you... Cute! Can't wait to see the show!