Wednesday, December 12, 2012

ReCOVERy for Hurricane Sandy Victims

When Luana Rubin of equilter called for quilts for victims of Hurricane Sandy, my quilt group decided to participate.  Previously we had sent quilts to the tsunami victims in Japan through her and felt this call needed to be answered too.

We in turn put the call out to SAQA/CT to join us, which was an inspired idea.  They answered loud and clear!  Here I am, meeting the FEDEX person, with six big boxes and one smaller one packed to send off to Timeless Treasures.

Timeless Treasure Fabrics has volunteered warehouse space in NJ for collection and distribution.  Sisters in Cloth and SAQA/CT (among MANY others) donated quilts/comforters/sheet set.  FEDEX donated the shipping of our 7 boxes, what we are calling 200 pounds of warmth, to NJ!  See what Luana started?!

Kate Themel, SAQA/CT co-rep, has written a most informative and compelling blog post.  Check it out.