Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Fiberactions Reveal: Colorful Secrets

The Color Challenge this time was more fun...a real hoot, actually.  The challenge was to use ten or more colors.  It could be one color with ten variations/hues/saturations or as many colors as we wanted. It's obvious what I chose.  Loving color the way I do, it gave me a chance to dig into my stash and try to create without repeating fabrics.

Colorful Secrets continues my series on secrets.  This time I am relishing those wonderful, harmless little secrets that always brings a smile...and sometimes are hard to keep from repeating.  
Colorful Secrets

Like what color is your friend's natural hair color?...or your own, for that matter.  

Who has been invited to write an article for an admired art quilt publication?

Who is planning a birthday get-a-way for her husband?

Colorful Secrets detail
Who bought a really expensive pair of strappy shoes that she can't wait to find an event to wear them to?

I could go on...

Check out the other answers to the Challenge here.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks. I've had fun playing with color and leaving the design constant...each is different, obviously...but in ways I didn't expect.

  2. My kind of challenge!! I always say, if you can't decide what color to use, use 'em all!... You did a great job balancing those colors -- love the result!


    1. Thank you, The Other Diane. It's good to hear from you ;^)

  3. "Secrets. Like tiny little toads in your pocket. You can't ever forget they're there because they are always moving, wriggling, trying to flee. You know that at any moment, one of them might break free and leap from your pocket, announcing iself with a shrill croak. And the harder you try to contain them, to conceal them, the more adament they become about their escape."
    From 'The Glittering World" by t.greenwood.

    1. Thank you SO much for sharing that quote! It is wonderful...and you might see it referenced again. It speaks to me.