Thursday, April 4, 2013

Albany Bulb

The 'Bulb' is a peninsula owned by the town of Albany, adjacent to Berkeley CA.  It has been created over the decades with debris from's filled with concrete and rebar and wild flowers, invasive 'weeds' blooming, interesting rusted bits and volunteer flowers from goodness knows where. Martha Wolfe took us for a visit yesterday.

Dumping was suspended in 1987 in an effort to save the bay from pollution.  Subsequently it has become a walking trail and dog walk, filled with sculptures and urban art.

 Here's, in part, what wikipedia has to say about the Sculptures.

 Sculptor and activist lawyer Osha Neumann has created some of the largest works. He often collaborates with Jason DeAntonis. Sniff, a group of artists composed of Scott Hewitt, Scott Meadows and David Ryan, painted large, highly imaginative "murals" on wood and erected more sculptures on the northwest corner of The Bulb. Another Bulb landmark, referred to as "The Castle," is a large concrete, rebar and plaster shelter which sits on the south west corner of the Bulb, directly opposite the Golden Gate Bridge. The Bulb has been used for informal concerts and even a production of Shakespeare's The Tempest presented by We Players, a Bay Area site-specific theatre company.

You might be interested in what else the wiki has to say  The weather was seasonal: cool (we wore several layers) and very windy (several kite and wind surfers).  AND, a lively, friendly shanty town of homeless.  
Sample of graffiti

Martha Wolfe photographing The Castle

Fog rolling into Berkeley in background


  1. Ha, seems the story of all the debris coming from the 89 earthquake and 880 is just an urban legend! Oh got some beautiful photos and it was a gorgeous walk!

  2. How interesting... can you imagine being along... at night with those sculptures?! Kinda scary!