Monday, April 1, 2013

Mare Island Stroll

Cherry blooms at our doorstep
Mare Island is bounded on three sides by the San Francisco Bay and is bordered on the fourth by a river, so, technically I guess it is an Island.  It was a US Navy shipyard until recently, when it was closed and turned over to the City of Vallejo.  There is some industry along the wharf, some artists' lofts...there is some commercial use, U of Touro, an osteopathic U is here, but most is residential at the moment.  Some of the beautiful senior officer quarters were sold and now residential...several acres of new homes were constructed, keeping the architecture balanced with the area.  It is a work in progress.  A beautiful work in progress.

Lupines out the back 

1800's Chapel in grove of giant eucalyptus 

Betraying it's origins:  Yard & Dock manhole cover

The Chapel is operated by the historic society and is open on a regular basis so the public can enjoy the Tiffany windows and Arts and Crafts detailing.

Yesterday one of our hosts and I went to the Golf Club, created in 1892, where she hit a couple buckets of balls and I enjoyed a cup of coffee and a tremendous view of the bay and the distant mountains.  Gorgeous way to spend the day.

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