Tuesday, June 11, 2013


It really is square and true.  I took this pic with my iPhone and I think I must not have been spot on in front and it looks wonky here.

I'm taking the opportunity to  post now as it may be a miracle before I get to it again in the very near future.  Not a walking on water miracle...more a win the lottery miracle.  Mere mortals CAN, they just DON'T very often.

Under the column I had previously checked: "stop me before I volunteer again", I reneged and I volunteered to be the Exchange Director for a cultural home-host exchange from Urla Turkey's Friendship Force International's club to our club here in Southern CT.  We have never hosted in June and now I know that there are really, really good reasons for that.  No one is available to help!  We are a small group to start with and, to pull off a successful exchange, a very active critical mass of members must dedicate themselves to the various tasks.  With the school year extended until the last week in June, and the usual graduations, weddings, get off to the vacation activities...there is little interest in helping pull this off.  I have hosts, and a mostly confirmed itinerary developed.  D Day approaches.

It also happens to be time to take down SAQA/CT's Local Color from it's first installation at the Ruth Haas Library at Western CT ST University. I am to bring the entire exhibit here to my house and keep it safe until it has to be delivered to its next venue.  During the home-hosting, the exhibit has to be installed at The Legislative Office Building in Hartford.  There's that miracle thing again:  being in two places at once.  That one I CAN'T pull off.  Something has to give or someone will have to give me a hand.

As I posted last time, I have been using the odd times that I've had to be in my studio to cut and piece, trying to get back in the groove.  This piece is the latest.  It is a 'disappearing four patch' that has been layered with all sorts of colors and sizes of vintage rick rack from my sizable collection.  Makes me smile.

Sayonara for a while.


  1. Sounds like you're "dancing as fast as you can"!! I know the feeling... somehow it all gets pulled together - we're women - we can do anything!

  2. Yes,Carol, you are right. I need to step back and take a deep breath.

  3. Pat yourself on the back. You made it through one of the challenges already, with flying "colors". Take-down day went off with no bloodshed. One show down, one (2, 3, 4..?) to go! Amazing you were able to create a beautiful piece of art amid the chaos. Great job!

  4. I too am amazed that you remain a creative force when juggling so many things at the same time.