Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Viewpoints9 Reveal Day

This, Challenge #8, was a toughie for me.  Viewpoints9 member Lisa-Maire Sanders asked us to consider a preconception and depict it in landscape form.  Preconception!  Really!  Where does one begin?

In reality, I try NOT to have preconceptions.  I work at it.  Now, I was to actually think about preconceived ideas and their results...and be inspired.  Really?  Hmmm.

One of my earliest preconceived ideas that turned out to be very wrong occurred when I was five.  (I have a pretty good memory.  I remember also not liking to be wrong....even then)  My father was transferred from Andrews Air Force Base in the DC area to Carswell Air Force Base outside of Fort Worth, Texas, just after I finished kindergarden.

As we settled in, I remember thinking 1. it was really dry, 2. not many people lived there, 3. it was pretty flat and 4. there weren't many things growing there.  This, of course, is comparing a major metropolis to one that was not in those days.  There followed months without rain.

Then it rained!  Oh, my!  I was stunned with the tiny flowers that began to bloom on what had previously looked like pickled grass.  A stream formed at the bottom of our property where none had been when we moved in, and shortly, it was full of crawdads!  I was so surprised that I could have been so wrong.

Okay.  This is ancient history.  Kid stuff.  Except that I took away how wrong one can be.  My first memory of a preconception and how it might be good to avoid having them.

And Then It Rained! detail
And Then It Rained!

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