Monday, July 15, 2013

Fiberactions Reveal Today

It Ain't Over!  Apparently the Fat Lady has not sung her requiem over my Secret Series.

Closet Secrets

Closet Secrets detail
When I posed the challenge to each participants of the Fiberactions online Challenge Group, to look into her clothes closet for inspiration for this next round,  I thought that a color inventory might reveal quite a bit to oneself.

 I had thought that I would leave my series format with my 'zippers as secrets metaphor ' and charge off in another direction.  But actually when I had a look in my closet, I found that there are predictable patterns and colors in my predictable as my favorites in my studio.  Many are the same, but not always.  I don't wear as much red, dark blue or mauves as I use in my work, for instance.  I guess that what I wear is more likely predicted by my own physical coloring (strawberry blond) than what my actual favorite colors are.  

At any rate, staying with the series made sense.  So, now, I'm looking at a series of seven...I had been thinking of this series in terms of grouped even numbers....which obviously means this isn't the end of the series either.  Who knew this project was going to have such 'legs'?

Of course, there's the other interesting layer of meaning to Closet Secrets that I couldn't help but think about.  Fortunately we have liberated, un-closeted friends and family who have left the darkness behind them.  I think it is very sad that anyone has the burden of being closeted.

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