Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Local Quilt Star Retires

I first met Judy, like so many of us did, at the first meeting I attended of the Shoreline Quilters Guild in Branford CT.  Her infectious enthusiasm for all things quilty was certainly contagious.  One of her employments was teaching sewing and quilting at the Continuing Ed program in Branford, where she single-handedly recruited hosts of members to the Guild.

Judy and her husband are 'retiring' (in quotes because you know that's not going to happen) to VT to be nearer their family.  There new location will be the big winner here...particularly the quilting community.

Good luck, Judy!
Stars for Judy
More Stars

Seriously Surprised Judy Siccama

Label to remember us by
Yvette Howard's 'Fractured Byways'
Many members of Sisters in Cloth, the art quilt group that I belong to, participated in the farewell quilt for Judy.  She was so supportive of us and, as I said, all things quilty.

Speaking of which, Sisters recently installed our most recent themed exhibit, "On the Road", which was created to hang in the gorgeous atrium of the CT Department of Transportation.  Check it out at our blog,


  1. I didn't realize you knew Judy too! She is an amazing, funny, talented lady and CT will miss her.

    1. Oh yes. And I forgot to mention her being funny. Great gal. Will defintely be missed