Monday, August 12, 2013

To Lowell and Back

It really was not a big logical leap to plan to meet old friends for dinner in Lowell when it happened to be the weekend of the Lowell Quilt Festival and the Opening Reception at the Brush Gallery's 'Tangled in Blue' exhibit.  DH and I drove to Lowell early enough to check into our hotel, see the quilt festival (purchase a few necessaries), get to the Brush's always wonderful Opening, AND meet our friends at our favorite restaurant!

DH took pics whilst I meandered, looking at beautiful work and bumping into friends.  I hope you enjoy some of his photos.  
3 Cohesive Pieces: Brenda J. Jones

3 Cohesive Pieces:  Lee Sproull

3 Cohesive Pieces:  Sharon Monahan top. mine bottom

Lowell Quilt Festival:  Alice Means

Lowell Quilt Festival:  Alison Dea Bolt
Lowell Quilt Festival: Beatriz Grayson

Tangled Up in Blue @ Brush Gallery: Carol Vinick&mine

Tangled Up in Blue @ Brush Gallery: Gwyned Trefethen

Tangled Up in Blue @ Brush Gallery: one of Judy Ross'

Tangled Up in Blue @ Brush Gallery:Lisa Corson

Tangled Up in Blue @ Brush Gallery: Sandy Gregg

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