Wednesday, August 14, 2013

What Fun!! Fiber Revolution!

Today I got to help my friends Kate Themel and Barb McKie hang a Fiber Revolution exhibit in 919 Gallery, Unity of Greater Hartford in South Windsor.  I love hanging art shows.  I get such a charge!

Years ago while I was representing some communities and a couple of individual Australian Aboriginal artists' work here in the US, I was fortunate enough to have a wonderful mentor.  My mentor was, at that time in the 1990's an art professor, but in his undergraduate days he had been a window display artist for many up-scale, pretty swanky shops in Palm Beach, FL.  He had such an eye and he was articulate with his explanations.

Before that I had been a real estate broker for almost 20 years.  At that point I learned to imagine and 'see' space, floor plans and architects drawings.  Put the two together and you spell L O V E  to  Hang Exhibits.

"Fragmentations" will be displayed until September 22nd.  The Opening Reception is Sunday, August 18 when site-curator Kate Themel will be on hand to talk about the art work.  The installation really flows beautifully.

I took some quick snapshots after we had finished.  Enjoy ;^)

Entry: L-R McKie, Schwartzman, Hansen


Schepps, Friedman
Debbie Bein, Kevan Lunney

Redmond and Vehslage

Plotner and Litchman

Caneill, Chipetine and Lauterborn

Abrams and Trefethen

Themel and Halpin

Aikens and Fowler

Leaving thru the entry McKie and Schwartzman


  1. The exhibit looks fabulous... so many stunning designs!

    1. I feel like I can swoon over horse in the race :^)

  2. Gorgeous quilts. I love how in general quilters' work is becoming more abstract.