Saturday, November 16, 2013

Busy Week

Busy…and only getting worse…or better, depending on one's viewpoint.

First:  Viewpoint.  I responded to Kate Themel's challenge:  Okay, maybe I unwittingly DO take risks.  I just might be in denial.

Second: My art quilt group Sisters In Cloth assembled two charity quilts on Tuesday.  Followed by a fabric bin-diving event at our weekly Friday meeting thanks to the largess of fellow Sister  Vivika DeNegre. (okay, is it just me or does 'fellow Sister' sound weird?)

Third:  We are collecting 3D pieces to supplement SAQA/CT's Local Color installation at the Slater Memorial Museum in Norwich CT that we install next Monday and Tuesday (Yikes!)

Fourth:  I am readying for the Shoreline Arts Trail Open Studios this next weekend (MORE Yikes!)

You may not hear from me for a bit :^/

Boston Strong quilt top

Colorado Colorful quilt top

Fabric bin diving

Thanks, Vivika!

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