Monday, April 27, 2009

ARTQUILTSTransitions acceptance...part II

Part II:  Phases of the Moon pictured here was actually the piece that had been juried into the ARTQUILTSTransitions exhibit.  The notice that High Tide had been accepted was in error, but the news didn't arrive soon enough to abort the mission.  High Tide is, indeed, on exhibit at the first venue in Durham, NC.  It will be switched out for the real winner, Phases of the Moon, for the next two venues, Cary NC in June and Fayetteville NC in September thru November.

I choose to see this little hiccup as a win-win for me.  I'll have TWO pieces exhibited at one time or another in three fabulous venues!

Phases of the Moon was inspired by the background fabric which is one-half of a piece of hand painted fabric that I bought from Hollis Chatelaine many years ago.  The moons are a hand dyed piece of fabric which is overlaid with tulle for shadowing.  I free-motion stitched the tree and then built the owl separately and appliqued it on last.  The piece is hand quilted and beads were added to suggest stars.

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