Tuesday, April 14, 2009

First Week Victoria

G'day! Our first week in Victoria has been chock-a-block full of bush walking, birding, wine-tasting, meeting with old friends and saving it all on camera. The migrating honeyeaters (and I just learned that they migrated...apparently the ones we observed tasting these red gums were in route from Tasmania) were all over this tree when we visited the little town of Dean's Marsh.
We've had a wonderful time identifying birds that we haven't seen in years: Spotted Pardalote, Scarlet Robin, New Holland Honeyeater and it's cousin the White-earred Honeyeater...and three pairs of Red Rumped Parrots making nesting moves along the Barwon River in Wincheslea. Of course, we've had a grand time with our host who feeds about twenty Sulphur Crested Cockatoos and as many White Backed Magpies twice a day from her deck.

Last Saturday we enjoyed visiting the Lorne Quilters Patchwork Exhibit. There were several "challenges" by the adept members, including this black and white "House" piece that really was masterfully created using value to real advantage.

We are on the hunt for more birds today in the Geelong Botanical Gardens and a visit to the Geelong Art Gallery.

This next weekend we shift over to Melbourne. I can hardly wait.


  1. Were the birds for me??? Saw sulphur crested cockatoos in MYSTIC yesterday with the boys at the new (not yet opened) Australian Bird Exhibit at the aquarium. I MISS THE GUM TREES!!!

    love you both, V

  2. Beautiful photos, Diane. I wish I were there: the birds, the flowers. Ah.

  3. Tried the Japanese translator, seems pretty good. But I don't think it speaks Aussie very well, something got lost in translation on an expression you used, but otherwise not too bad.

    Will check in detail again later.