Sunday, April 5, 2009

In a couple of hours we will be loading the car for the airport to begin the L-O-N-G journey to Melbourne, Australia...which is why, if you choose to go, you should stay a while. We will be there three weeks, mostly staying with friends along the way.

The detail pictured here is from "Creative Spirit" and is greatly influenced by my interest in, and love of, Australian Aboriginal Art. It was one of my two pieces that was juried into "Up in Stitches" 2008, at the Yeiser Art Center, in Paducah, Kentucky.

Having spent long periods in many, diverse locales, understandably, place plays an extremely important role in my work. It's not difficult to see influences from Australia (or Japan/northern California/New England/Florida)...both the culture of the desert in particular and the flora, fauna...and the colors, themes and viewpoints I choose. Place is such a crucial element for me that I work very diligently at insinuating myself into a new locale. The few places that I have lived, and have not felt "accepted" in some way, have become memories of regret and, therefore not usually represented in my work.

This little (24" square) work was also juried into "Up in Stitches" last year. It's titled "Masako Goes to Africa" and is made exclusively with African fabrics...and made for my sister Masako, who never, it seems, leaves her home in Texas. I've decided to give her a grand world tour. I spoke with her last night, and I think she needs an Australian trip too.

Our first host lives in Lorne along the seacoast of Victoria, west of Port Philip Bay. She doesn't "do" computers, so unless we stumble upon an internet cafe, I will not be posting regularly. But I will be photographing wildly. She lives in the midst of The Otways...a temperate rainforest with amazing ferns, eucalyptus, fauna and BIRDS!!

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  1. Didn't get to see you on Sat,or call- but wanted to wish you a wonderful trip. Hope you see penguins in Port Philip and enjoy your vacation!!!