Thursday, January 14, 2010

First Fiberactions Challenge: Initiative

The Challenge is based on a member's suggestions of a word. A piece 16" x 20" is to be created within two months. After posting on the group's blog and individual's blogs the challenge begins again with anothew member offering another word challenge. Our first challenge was "Initiative".

My work, "Spunk" is based on a free-association of synonyms for Initiative: dynamism, energy, originality, vigor, spunk, longing, love, passion, action.

The working title for this piece was "Primordial" going for the origin in "originality"...the first assertive foot forward in taking the initiative.

The idea germinated from several leftover parts of a long completed New York Beauty. Rearranged they reminded me of preying plants from the Jurassic Age. They were each completed as small quilt-lets, hand stitched, beaded

and bound with rick rack. The background is heavily machine and hand quilted, stitched with seed stitches. The piece is bordered on three sides and bound on the fourth. Several larger beads were added last.


  1. Absolutely beautiful and completely fitting the name 'spunk'. you definately succeeded in this challenge!!

  2. The name is very fitting and I am loving all of the techniques that you used.

  3. Fantastic, Diane! This piece must be even more beautiful in person. You really put a great deal of thought into this challenge -- talk about thinking outside the block!

    What a great group of fiber artists you all are!