Monday, September 20, 2010

The grunt work....

This first photo is of "Consider the Kelp", one of my last year's completions.

But this year I'm including it in my work for Shoreline Arts Trail Open Studio in November. I took last year off because the Open Studio Tour in my own studio the previous years had placed a hardship on my family. (My husband and I share a home with my daughter and her family: two parents and two children and two dogs!) Those who have had or have youngsters at home know how busy a household can be!
This year I will camp out at the Guilford Art Center. There are casts of thousands who include the Center in their stopping points along the trail, so I have hopes of needing a supply, especially of the smaller work. I have decided to mount on foam core those under 24" in either direction.

This second piece is one of my submissions to Fiberactions' challenge for the word "communication". It's titled "Signs and Symbols".

I have decided just to whittle away the mountain of prep that needs to be done in order to get me situated at the Center in November. Today I got two mounted. Two down and umpteen to go.


  1. I once read that each step in a quilt's creation is in itself a full project: cutting, piecing, layering, quilting, binding, and ultimately mounting in your case. Your quilts are beautiful and I am hoping for you that the open studio weekend will be a great success that mirrors your superior talent!

  2. Does this mean bringing a cot to the center??? I can;; that "dedication" in its highest form. Wishing you the very best at the Open Studio -- you should have much success, because your work is beautiful.