Thursday, September 9, 2010

Like I'm not busy enough

When I signed up for Lyric Kinard's wonderful printing class at Quilt University I must have had my head up and locked.

I've been grandparenting all summer and hosting an even stream of house guests. I actually thought "What the Heck, summer will be at a close and I'll have time". WRONG!

Pictured here is Lesson One that I completed today. Just so you know, tomorrow Lesson Three is released!

The leaves were cut from newspaper to create a screen and the ferns were cut from freezer paper some time ago for a different project (Tide Pooling-After Audubon, see my August 15 post).

Both of these prints are on reclaimed linen napkins that I found in thrift stores...the blue one is damask and recently unsuccessfully sunprinted ;^) (see the last post!)

The yellow/green paint was a little too thick and began to dry too I rinsed it out of the screen. By the time I returned the napkin had dried so I, again, thought "what the heck?" and applied another layer of darker green.

I should have my head examined. Why I think I can get all this accomplished is bizarre. Aside from trying to ready for the Shoreline Arts Trail Open Studios in November, I am also the volunteer Exchange Director for an incoming cultural exchange from Varel, Germany in October! Friendship Force International: wonderful organization, great goals, too much on my plate!

Just send the shrink over the next time you see me volunteer for something! Seriously.


  1. Busy people are always putting their hands up for more to do! How do I know this? I'm doing Lyrics screen printing class to and I'm so time poor I was printing at 11.30 last night. The course is fun. I love your prints.


  2. And you are the queen of getting projects done. You have made me feel better about my own inability to complete all the things that are either stacked up in my studio or, worse still, only exist in my head.

  3. Oh my - sorry, I had to grin when I read your blog entry ;-)) Just because I KNOW so very very well how that feels! I took a class with Elizabeth Barton in June, thought "no problem, of course I can do that, we're only one week away from home right at the beginning of that class..." HaHaHa - guess what, the only thing I did about that class was saving the lesson to my harddrive. So, in my opinion, you're doing pretty good (and I truly like your prints!!).

  4. They say that, if you want to get something done, ask a busy person. You'll probably get everything done beautifully -- usually people who have many interests are also very organized. Don't beat yourself up -- some wonderful things are probably going to burst forth from your imagination because you won't be expecting them!