Saturday, April 30, 2011

More Cave Art

For the past several years I've been interested in graffiti. I've taken photos of it everywhere: NYC (no surprise there), Philadelphia (ditto), a piece of the Berlin Wall (again ditto), Melbourne, Australia's the surprise...the Great Wall of China. That represents unrelated (more than likely) artists from four continents.

Granted the Great Wall wasn't spray was sgraffito. Well, sort of sgraffito. It was carved into the wall...still an unmistakable, anonymous, artful statement.

The two Cave Art pieces that I completed earlier, inspired by ancient cave artists, got me thinking about current "cave" artists...the urban canyons in cities around the world.

I had no problem coming up with a title for this one: Urban Canyon

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  1. Fascinating! Great inspiration for an art quilt, isn't it??