Saturday, April 9, 2011

Not just for the birds

When I made this Redwing Chorus: Ode to Charley Harper, it wasn't just because I love birds. No, it was also because I always loved the work of Charley Harper.

I made this piece in 2008, shortly after I read in the New York Times that he had passed away. Re-visiting his artwork brought to mind all the times his work made me smile. All the cards I'd bought and sent to friends for birthdays, anniversaries or just plain "cheer up"...or chirp up...see, you smiled.

This is one of my "bird works" that I entered into The Brush Gallery's For the Birds exhibition (May 7-June 18). And I just found out that it was accepted!! Oh, boy, I love to visit The Brush and Lowell! There is SO much going on.


  1. Congratulations! I love this piece. Good going.

  2. You must be over the moon! Kudos! Boy, does this piece make me smile!


  3. Bravo, Diane! That's great! Neat piece:)

  4. Good for you Diane! Congratulations. I'll have to get to Lowell to see yours and Vivika's work in person.
    :-) Kate