Monday, May 30, 2011

The quilting gods have been good to me....

This has been a wild and crazy week. First, this weekend marked a very big (numbered) birthday for me. I can tell you I've been dreading it even though my DH has consistently assured me that it's just another day. It's still a pretty damn big number to deal with.

So this is where the quilting gods influence for good comes in. Just when I was feeling old and dried up I get accepted into two exhibits! Just two days apart.

Diaspora and Dusk were both accepted by The Whistler House Museum of Art's "Art Quilts at the WHMA" in August in Lowell MA.

Two days earlier Urban Canyon was accepted to "Deep Spaces" which will be touring several western US states this year.

And the news got even better. Around midnight Friday night I was awakened by Number One Son. He had flown in as a Birthday Surprise! This big numbered, once dreaded birthday has been a blast!


  1. Congratulations Diane on the TWO works being accepted into exhibits!!

    Don't worry about big birthday numbers...I'm pretty far up there birthday number wise myself, and at this point in time, I'm just happy to have another one AND still be lucid enough to keep making my art!

    I'm glad your birthday has been a wonderful one, and I wish you many more.

    Congratulations again on the gallery acceptance.

  2. Happy, happy, happy, happy....happy (did I get them all?) day! Congratulations on so many wonderful accomplishments, birthday included, remain forever young and inspiring!


  3. Congrats, Diane, and Happy Birthday!

  4. first, Happy belated birthday! Glad to hear you had a great one ;-)) And CONGRATULATIONS on all the accomplishments - WOW, how exciting!

  5. Congratulations, and Happy Birthday ! Yes, age is just a number (in my case, a pretty big one), and your artistic abilities tell the world that you are a young-thinking, creative soul -- and that's all that matters!


  6. Belated Happy Birthday Diane. Sounds like it was a great day despite your trepidations! Congrats on the exhibits- Wahoo!!