Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Second in Proposed Series

Okay, it's not a series YET. A buddy of mine reminded me not long ago that two is a pair, three is a series. This is my second, still un-titled "moon" work.

So far "Moonglow" and "Harvest Moon" are in contention for titles but nothing seems to stick.

This project has given me the excuse I wanted to play in my collection of hand dyed cottons and cotton sateens. I have never been very successful in dyeing fabric myself, but I SO admire those artists who are and consider it my DUTY to support them in meaningful purchasing their beautiful, creative products. In this instance, I'm not sure where I acquired the dark background, Houston, perhaps, but the light aqua shibori is, I'm pretty sure, from Sunny Bunny in Tampa.


  1. So, when two are a pair - are they the "parents" of the series??? Grinning in Germany, Frauke
    PS: LOVELY piece !!

  2. I see lovely bubbles in a night sky -- does that help at all???

    By the way, when it comes to cars, you only need 5 to have a fleet, so I say that 2 quilts make a series. That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.


  3. You seem to be having a lovely time exploring & playing with this new series! This will lead to all sorts of good things.

  4. Great work, Diane! These blue moons really seem to float over the surface. Makes me think of the optical illusion where the moon "follows" you as you walk or drive.