Tuesday, September 27, 2011

SAQA Auction "Wins"

I was so happy to have "won" the bidding last week for Cathy Smith's wonderful piece in the annual SAQA fundraiser.

Titled "Waiting for Roasting" it is part of her "Roasting Marshmallow" series that incorporates digital images of her rural surrounding. The "marshmallows" refer to the giant hay bales that are wrapped in white plastic for storage.

I was also delighted that my submission to the auction "Shards of the Day" went to a collector in Bend, Oregon!

The last phase of the auction is on at this moment....go check it out. I am ;^) There are a couple I have my eye on. Click here


  1. Congratulations on both your sale and your purchase -- it's a good feeling doubled, isn't it?!


  2. Yes, congrats on both. Love your piece!

  3. Oh I love Cathy Smith's work! I saw her solo show up in Willimantic last spring - very interesting! Congrats on winning the piece. I also loved your piece - that collector in Oregon will treasure it!

  4. Both lovely pieces. I also liked your piece illustrating "texture" with words on it. The relationship of text to image fascinates me. You make a good point.
    best, nadia