Monday, October 3, 2011

Self Portraits

On the "continuing to evolve" front, I have just finished another self portrait, titled "It's Just Me (with a slightly checkered past)". This one is for the newly formed art quilt group CT Fiber Arts Collective.

The third exhibit (!) for this group is coming up in November at a library in Middlefield CT. It's a small venue. The group has elected to put together a collection of "Identity" pieces that are small (12" on a side max) and displayed on small easels.

To further that sort of display, I gave a little demo on Saturday on how I mount pieces on foam core. I was able to save them least I know some of the pitfalls.

This most recent self portrait seems a bit retrospect I think it might reflect my anxiety at having so much to say and, as I age, not enough time to say it all....forget about my ideals about making any real difference in this world.

The second one, Two Heads Are Better Than One was created in 2006 for an exhibit of "Sayings/Axioms/Truths in Fiber". I think I look a bit bewildered....

The last is still my favorite....where I'll stop without analysis.


  1. They're wonderful, Diane, especially the last one. Interesting that you feel you have so much you want to say and there's less and less time left...I'm finding there's not much I want to say at all, these days!

  2. I must say that, while these pieces are fabulous, you DO photograph much prettier . . . What wonderful interpretations of yourself, Diane, and incredibly imaginative.

    Now, then, would you be able to share the method you use to mount your pieces onto foam core??? Inquiring minds (such as mine) really want to know!!